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My Top 10 Friends Moments | LIFESTYLE | AD

This blog post was sponsored by Panasonic.

If you were to ask me what my favourite TV show is, I’d probably say Friends. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of TV shows but Friends is the sort of thing I can always sit down to watch and still enjoy it, despite watching it what feels like a hundred million times. I’ve spent hours in front of the TV watching the episodes as I’ve grown up –  I used to watch it after school when I was a teenager and I bought the box set of all ten seasons with money that I saved up with.

So I was really excited when Panasonic got in touch about a television themed blog post all about my favourite show, to promote their Panasonic HDR TV which looks fantastic, a must have for any TV fanatic!

For those of you that don’t know, Friends first started airing back in 1994 and it became a significant comedy of the late 1990s. Watching it today, it might seem politically incorrect with out-dated humour but at the time, it was decade defining. I think it’s important to remember that Friends is a product of its time if you’ve never seen it before.

With more than 200 episodes, there’s a lot to binge on so get comfortable and I love the episode titles – they’re so straight, to the point and super easy to remember. There are so many great moments of Friends and it was quite tricky to narrow them down to my top 10 but here they are. WARNING: this post contains SPOILERS if you’ve never seen Friends before!

My Top 10 Friends Moments | LIFESTYLE | AD | FREYA WILCOX

My Top 10 Friends Moments | LIFESTYLE | AD | FREYA WILCOX My Top 10 Friends Moments | LIFESTYLE | AD | FREYA WILCOX

Top 10 Friends Moments:

10. When someone ate Ross’s sandwich – to be fair, I would act the exact same way because FREYA DOESN’T SHARE FOOD – extra points if you get the quote! The One With Ross’ Sandwich, S5, E9. See what I mean about the episode titles?

9. Could I BE wearing any more clothes? For those of you that might not get this one, this is when Joey put on all of Chandlers clothes because Chandler was sitting in his seat. Joey then does lunges wearing all of his clothes. The One Where No One’s Ready, S3, E2.

8. PIVOT PIVOT PIVOT. When Ross buys a new sofa and refuses to pay delivery. This results in him enlisting all of his friends to try and take it upstairs and into his flat. This is without a doubt, one of my favourite Friends quotes. The One With the Cop, S5, E16.

7. When the messers, became the messies! Because they don’t know that we know that they know we know! This is where Monica and Chandler are hiding their relationship from all their friends but Rachel and Phoebe want to have a little bit of fun with them first. The One Where Everybody Finds Out, S5, E14.

6. The quiz that Ross makes for Rachel, Monica, Chandler and Joey who have bet their apartments and are trying to show that they know each other best. This episode is also unofficially known as The One with the Trivia Game and I love how it shows how deep seated the relationships are and it actually turns out that Ross knows them because he came up with the questions and the lightning round! The One With the Embryos, S4, E12.

5. WE WERE ON A BREAK! At this point, Ross must’ve been the most hated man in the world when he cheated on Rachel and broke everyone’s hearts when Ross and Rachel broke up. You might be wondering why this is in my top 10 but it’s just so iconic and hugely important to the rest of the will-they-won’t-they storyline. The One Where Ross & Rachel Take a Break, S3, E15.

4. When Monica proposed to Chandler and ALL OF THE CANDLES. I mean seriously, how romantic, right? Also a serious fire hazard! The One With the Proposal, S6, E25.

3. Ross’ red sweater – revealing the father of Rachel’s baby!  This was a huge “Oh My God” moment, extra points if you say it in *the Janice voice*. The One With the Red Sweater, S8 E2.

2. Phoebe and Mikes wedding – there are a lot of life events during the ten seasons of Friends that include weddings, divorces (in Ross’s case) and childbirth but my favourite wedding is Phoebe’s where she gets married outside of Central Perk in the snow, it’s just perfect. The One With Phoebe’s Wedding, S10, E12.

  1. Finally, my number one moment has to be when Rachel got off the plane. It’s iconic. This was part of the final episode which aired in 2004 had a massive audience of 52 million. I remember watching it and literally shouting at the TV, telling Rachel to get off the plane. Thankfully she did because Rachel and Ross belong together! The Last One, Part 2, S10, E18.

What’s your favourite Friends moment?

My Top 10 Friends Moments | LIFESTYLE | AD | FREYA WILCOX

My Top 10 Friends Moments | LIFESTYLE | AD | FREYA WILCOX My Top 10 Friends Moments | LIFESTYLE | AD | FREYA WILCOX


This blog post was sponsored by Panasonic.

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